About a brand
Sargan — the Russian producer of reliable equipment and functional accessories for spearfishing and diving.
… about stories
11 years the firm does qualitative goods available to any consumer.
Having begun with the first bag for spearfishing which was developed to order by councils of the best Russian hunters, the company already in
2002 put on the market new goods of a mass production — diving suits, gloves, torches and socks.
Then production of reliable equipment and accessories for underwater professional hunters began.  At the same time equipment was developed for athletes of a national team who were obliged to represent Russia at competitions in suits Sargan.
A little later in the Russian shops there were models created already for fans of spearfishing — diving suits of Sargan of Senezh, the Stalker.
Their functionality and comfort were appreciated and already in a year the consumer demand  several times exceeded the most optimistical forecasts.
Suits, gloves and fins Sargan don't lose today popularity at professionals and amateurs of spearfishing and diving.
… about features
• Developers as much as possible adapt production for immersions in the territory of Russia and Northeast Europe.
• Engineers specially count average characteristics of weight and dimensions of the Russian users to reach reliable operational parameters and durability of equipment at regular use.
• Wishes of consumers are constantly traced, councils and recommendations of skilled divers and underwater hunters when developing are considered new and improvement of popular models.
Such approach allows firm to create equipment and accessories the most functional, comfortable, and made under needs of the Russian hunters.
Plus — constant readiness to develop to provide amateurs and professionals of underwater and surface sports to all necessary.
… about development
During existence of the Sargan brand the range of goods grew to 100 names and it not a limit yet.
Since January, 2013 two independent commodity rulers develop:
• Equipment for spearfishing
• Equipment for diving
In April, 2013 took place an exit of the first goods for the new direction — surfing. And it not the last novelties of the Sargan brand.
… about the new
Thinking of consumers and wishing to provide them the best, every year Sargan firm issue absolutely unique goods, analogs which aren't present. So in 2012 camouflage production for spearfishing received absolutely new biodigital camouflage which developers of firm created 2 years.
Functionality of production Sargan significantly differs from the similar goods presented in the Russian market. You can learn more on the site Sargan in the section "Unique Products".
… about quality
Day after day employees of firm perfect workmanship of production and new goods are developed, listening to wishes of consumers.
90% of production Sargan is made in 7 foreign countries that allows Sargan firm to establish the acceptable prices for most of the Russian underwater hunters and divers.
All production from a neoprene is made in China at factory which specializes on release of goods for Sargan.
Quality control at factory is watched by the constant Russian representative. At stages of production and packing of goods the employee of firm excludes the equipment which isn't conforming to requirements of a brand Sargan.
And main thing …
Staff of Sargan firm works in order that everyone who is engaged in underwater and surface sports, associated qualitative equipment with the Russian brand. And the firm manage to make it.

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