Scubatech Sp. z O.O. was established in 2002 by experienced instructors, Trimix and rebreather divers. Our company manufactures the whole range of high quality regulators dedicated for diving in difficult weather conditions which prevail in northern part of Europe. Last year we celebrated our number 10.000 regulator which was sold onto the market. Our regulators have been successfully used since almost 10 years by professional divers, marines, fire department workers and recreational divers.
Answering the needs of developing technical market, we created a new line of equipment called TECLINE by Scubatech. This line consists of wings, harnesses, regulators, SPGs, valves, thermal undergarment, lights and others. This equipment is dedicated to both divers who have just began their adven- ture with recreational diving and the most demanding technical divers who explore uncovered places.
Each piece of equipment which want to introduce on the market is previously carefully tested by our team. All of the products fulfill the high requirements of European norms and they are CE certified. Due to the fact that we manufacture our equipment and there are no middleman between us and the dealer, our prices are really competitive.
Our perfection has been also appreciated by many famous brands of diving equipment and we are also proud to be distributor of them: Sitech, VR Techno- logy, Ocean Reef, Pinaccle, DUI, Faber, Eurocylinder, Luxfer, McNett, Innobeam, Saekodive.

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