SCORPENA is a new Russian brand, offering a wide spearfishing equipment range. Despite brand's young "age" it has experienced "fathers": the best specialists from France, Italy and Russia were involved in the collection's development process. The task set to professional designers, engineers and sportsmen wasn't that easy -- to develop spearfishing equipment range which responds best quality standarts and is in low-price segment at the same time.

We have choosen a completely new approach to development of SCORPENA collection, different from those of other low-price segment brands. Instead of copying products of world famous spearfishing equipment manufacturers we have created original wetsuits and guns, which meet all the needs of spearfishers and is best value for money. 


Before to reach mass production each item of SCORPENA equipment goes through several phases of testing, including tests by Russian strongest spearfishers and French and Italian developers in the real spearfishing conditions - in lakes, rivers and the sea. We constantly research spearfishing market and its needs and try to offer the equipment which meets them.


The inspirer and creator of SCORPENA brand is AQUATEX company - the oldest company in the underwater equipment market of the former USSR countries. Its more than 20 years experience, understanding of needs of spearfishers and cooperation with world level specialists allow AQUATEX to create really qualitative and original equipment spearfishing collection.  

We are proud that such a worldwide recognized neoprene designer like Jacques Milhares was involved in the SCORPENA neoprene line development. He personally created and tested all the SCORPENA wetsuits and we believe you will enjoy your spearfishing adventures in our wetsuits, in which Mr. Milhares invested all his more than 50 years experience.

All the equipment was carefully tested by Russian and Turkish best spearfishers -- 8 time Russian champion Vladimir Dokuchaev, Russian champion 2011 and kristiansundcup 2012 silver winner Andrey Turukhano, Turkish team members hasan Salbas and Achmed Sakis.  


SCORPENA is created in order to meet all the needs of spearfishers who are looking for original qualitative equipment with best value for money.

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