SUBGEAR:  A Global Focus on Quality and Good Value
SUBGEAR focuses on quality dive equipment at reasonable prices. SUBGEAR was originally a German brand (SEEMANN SUB), enjoying great success since 1979.  It was acquired by Johnson Outdoors in 2007 and launched in most of Europe in 2008. In 2010, SUBGEAR dive gear has been launched worldwide, including North America, Australia, Asia and the Middle East. Worldwide coverage translates to clear benefits for customers: warranty, maintenance and repairs are offered all over the globe from an established and trained worldwide network of dealers and shops.

SUBGEAR has evolved into one of the worldwide leaders in the manufacturing of diving equipment, including gear for kids, gear for lifestyle diving and specialized products for female divers. Breakthrough innovations such as Body Map System, I-Grip (wrist instrument holder), the Rebel children's BC (grows with your child) and a modular valve system are a few examples. Our focus on exceptional service has established a solid base of loyal dealers and customers.

The brand philosophy has remained the same through-out the brand's growth and transition:  Experience the difference.

About Johnson Outdoors
It All Started With Sam...
When Samuel C. Johnson joined Johnson Wax in 1954 his family's business was all about wax. His passion for innovation, and willingness to take bold but smart risks changed all that. Before long, Sam launched new product lines and opened new markets, and turned a small Midwestern wax company into a diversified, multi-billion dollar business.

The Adventure Begins
While the world's economy was faltering in the late 1960's, Sam understood that when the going gets tough, people like to get away from it all in the great outdoors.  In 1970, he created Johnson Outdoors, bringing together a family of brands that reflected his entrepreneurial spirit, love of outdoor adventure and passion for quality products.  Brands like Minn Kota®, the world's first electric fishing motor, and Old Town Canoe®, the brand that gave birth to the plastic boat industry under Sam's leadership.

That Was Then, This Is Now
How quickly over a third of a century passes... Minn Kota® has become a $100 million dollar global brand and Old Town® is now a global leader in kayaks as well as canoes.  And, our family of leading active outdoor and lifestyle brands has grown to include Ocean Kayak™, Carlisle® Paddles,  Humminbird® fishfinders, SCUBAPRO® diving products and Eureka!® Tents among others.  .

In The Pursuit Of Fun And Adventure
Johnson Outdoors is committed to providing innovative, top-quality recreation products that make it easy for people to have fun outdoors. We take heart in Sam's entrepreneurial spirit and zest for life.
We share his commitment to serving employees, customers, the environment and all the communities where we do business. And as part of our core values, we expect that all the people who work for Johnson Outdoors to be as passionate as Sam was himself.

Our Mission
Be the Innovation Leader
Bring Excitement and Growth to Our Markets
Build a Strong, Talented Team with Exceptional Passion

Our Vision
Own the Outdoor Adventure with Innovation and Passion

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